I'm archiving my old edits!
(may 2012 to january 2013)

You can find me here now

Since you don’t have your ask box open I guess I have to do this publicly then *sighs*

This gifset originates from this blog and was made by ME (now @thorsty) NOT YOU

So what right do you think you have to repost something I (NOT YOU) spent MY time working on?

So I ask you with all respect I can gather for you: Remove It. Right now. Or I will have your blog removed.

His fate is in his own hands now.

Thor’s smiles

Anonymous said: what font did you use here /post/40684581315 ?

intro. one of my favourite fonts right now.

Thor’s smiles

I can’t publish asks, so for the anon that asked which font I used for ‘I never was’, it’s called fractrish and you can download it here.

    I painted a picture of the things I wanted most,
To color in the darker side of all my brightest hopes

Thor’s smiles